Sarah Ferguson unveils her new children's books on Instagram

Sarah Ferguson announces she’s signed a seven book deal to write children’s stories – and future son-in-law Edo Mapelli Mozzi is among the first to congratulate her on Instagram

  • Duchess of York has announced signed a seven-book deal with Serenity Press 
  • Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, 60, has revealed her three new children’s books online
  • Has penned new fiction including  ‘The Enchanted Oak Tree’ and ‘Genie Gems’ 
  • Future son-in-law Edo Mapelli Mozzi, 36, was among the first to congratulate her

Sarah Ferguson has announced she has signed a seven book deal to write children’s stories, with her future son-in-law Edo Mapelli Mozzi among the first to congratulate her on the project. 

Sarah, who is often known as ‘Fergie’, 60, said she was ‘so excited’ about the news as she unveiled three of her upcoming children’s books on Instagram.  

The Duchess of York, who has written over 25 books over the years, revealed the children’s stories earlier today, including one titled ‘The Enchanted Oak Tree’ and another called ‘Genie Gems’.  

After posting the covers on her Instagram, friends and family were quick to congratulate the Duchess, including Princess Beatrice’s, 31, fiancé Edo who commented on the post with three yellow heart emojis. 

Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, 60, has unveiled three new children’s books online as it was revealed she has signed a seven-book deal with Australian publisher Serenity Press

The royal’s seven books will consist of five picture books and a two young chapter books, with the first on sale mid 2020. 

Posting on Instagram, the Duchess wrote: ‘So excited about my 3 new children’s books Arthur Fantastic, Genie Gems and The Enchanted Oak Tree…coming soon.’ 

The three book series include the ‘Genie Gems, Mission to Devon’ and ‘The Enchanted Oak Tree.’ 

The final book in the series is ‘Genie Gems meets Arthur Fantastic’, which appears to be a cross-over with one of Fergie’s earlier books with co-author Dr. Olivia Audrey. 

Fergie revealed the cover to three of her new children’s books online in a gushing post, saying she was ‘so excited’ about the releases 

Among the first to comment on the post was Princess Beatrice’s fiancé Edo Mapelli Mozzi, as well as family friend Holly Branson 

The works will be published in Australia and New Zealand. 

The royal  is already the author of more than 25 books, including the Budgie the Little Helicopter and the Little Red series. 

Friends and family were quick to comment on Fergie’s announcement, including Edo and Meghan Markle’s former friend Lizzie Cundy.  

Meanwhile Princess Beatrice’s close pal and family friend Holly Branson also commented on the post, writing: ‘Can’t wait to read it. That front cover is amazing!’ 

Princess Beatrice’s fiancé Edo was quick to support his future mother-in-law, commenting on the post with three small heart emojis (pictured, Edo with Princess Beatrice) 

Karen McDermott, Serenity Press publisher, described the duchess’ tales as ‘nurturing stories’.

She said: ‘We are delighted to welcome the Duchess to our press.’

‘Her beautiful books are aligned with our core value of sharing nurturing stories that empower young minds.

‘We cannot wait to bring these books into readers’ hands.’

The royal also revealed covers and titles for two other books in her series, including ‘Genie Gems’ and ‘Genie Gems meets Arthur Fantastic’, a nod to another children’s book by the royal 

Fergie’s latest business venture comes weeks after she released her products including towels, soaps and tea cups based on photographs she had taken.  

Labelled The Duchess Collection, the products will come in orange packaging with a logo featuring two rearing winged horses that is rather reminiscent of the livery of uber-brand Hermes. 

It hopes to combine ‘glamour’ with ‘compassion’ and includes a collection of towels, soaps and teas. 

The tagline for her brand is: ‘Entertainment, Edutainment and Lifestyle.’

It comes weeks after the royal released a new range of products including royal tea cups  based on photographs which she has taken

The Duchess has already pitched the idea to a select number of super-rich potential investors with dreams of raising £10 million to fund it.

There is also a range of ready-meals, called ‘Fergie’s Farm’, which it is hoped will be launched later this year.

It is yet to be seen whether the Duchess, who has endured a chequered business history since her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996 — at one point reportedly finding herself with debts of £5 million — will make a success of the venture. 

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