Save Me season 3: Lennie James ‘confirms’ Nelly Rowe’s fate after epic Save Me Too ending

Lennie James, 54, returned as troubled Nelly Rowe for the second season of Sky Atlantic hit series, Save Me, which sees a desperate father on a mission to find his missing daughter, Jody McGory (played by Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness). The second outing of the kidnapping crime drama was just as dramatic as the first and is available for views to binge on NOW TV as of today. However, with a cliff-hanger ending leaving viewers on tenterhooks once more, the creator has revealed whether there will be a future for his alter-ego.


The six-part series took place 17 months after Save Me first hit screens two years ago, with Nelly still no closer to finding his estranged daughter.

Alongside his search for Jody, the troubled character was also embroiled in the high profile case of paedophile Gideon Charles (Adrian Edmondson) after rescuing one of his victims Grace (Olive Gray) from a caravan park at the end of the first season.

Having discovered his child’s identity had been swapped with the woman he saved, the time which had passed between the two seasons left the protagonist further alienated from those closest to him.

With the events of both seasons reaching a head by the sixth episode of the new series, Lennie has confirmed a third run is being planned.


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Star of the hit mystery drama Lennie explained his plans for the future of the franchise to press, including, stating Save Me was always intended to be a serial television programme.

Asked if a third season was on the horizon, the actor said: “Yes, and yes, is the answer to that to a greater or lesser extent.

“I mean, I’m putting it all together or trying to in my head,” he added, but did confirm a fully-fledged plan wasn’t ready.

Though there was no doubt in his mind another chapter was going to air as he said: “I do have thoughts about carrying on the story because as I said, this was always an idea for a returning television series and I don’t feel quite that I’m finished with these characters.”

I do have thoughts about carrying on the story

Lennie James

Teasing viewers of what they could expect, Lennie explained: “But it’s got to be an idea that encompasses all the characters. It’s not just about the continuing adventures of Nelly and his search for his child.

“It is also about what that search or what that journey does to the people around him,” Lennie explained of what viewers could expect.

“So if I can finalise one that brings the gang, yeah, absolutely.”

With a third season seemingly on the horizon, will Nelly ever get the answers he’s desperately looking for from life?

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As viewers will have seen in both seasons, the drama does explore quite dark themes and the creator revealed how filming those scenes impacted him on set.

Lennie told press: “There’s one particular scene. Even though I wrote it and created it, every time I read through, every time at a rehearsal, every time I said the words out loud it affected me.

“I found it very, very hard to control my emotions. To the point where, after a few takes the director saved me and when I don’t think we can put you through this again.”

However, Lennie was full of admiration for his fellow cast members for their sports on set, despite the hard-hitting nature of the story.


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“That’s one of the fantastic things about this cast is that they were very, very good at having a lot of fun while we took what we were doing very seriously.”

Returning to the fold for the second season included cast members such as Suranne Jones, 41, as Nelly’s ex and Jody’s mother, Claire McGory.

Joining the all-star cast this time around was Lesley Manville, playing the unsuspecting wife of villainous Gideon, Jennifer Charles.

As a third run seems to be in the pipeline, will some familiar faces be onboard to ride the tide with Nelly?

Save Me Too is now available to stream on Sky Boxsets and NOW TV and continues Wednesday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

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