Scream Queens, Unite: The Key Advice Jamie Lee Curtis Gave ‘Halloween’ Co-Star Andi Matichak

As David Gordon Green’s “Halloween” trilogy has revamped whole branches of Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) tangled family tree — including doing away with the “Halloween II” revelation that vicious masked maniac Michael Myers is actually her brother — the new series placed a greater emphasis on this particular timeline’s Strode family genealogy. That includes Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak), who has appeared in all three films and takes on an even bigger role in the series-capping “Halloween Ends.”

With three “Halloween” films under her belt, plus turns in other chillers like “Assimilate” and “Son” and the TV series “666 Park Avenue,” Matichak is a bonafide scream queen, just like Curtis. And you better believe she’s learned a lot from the iconic star.

“Jamie Lee has always worn the title [of] ‘scream queen’ as a total badge of honor and been very outright about that, and I’ve always felt similarly,” Matichak told IndieWire during a recent interview. “If anyone’s even going to put me in somewhat of the same category as Jamie Lee Curtis, I will very proudly wear that badge. I was reminded on the set of ‘Halloween Ends’ that I will probably always remain a scream princess because Jamie Lee is the ultimate queen.”

When asked what advice Curtis has given the younger actress over the course of their three films together, Matichak was all too happy to share.

“She’s always so open and ready to be by your side and give you support,” Matichak said. “One of the things that she said to me that has always stuck in my head when I was getting anxious about something in life: ‘Be where your feet are, just be present, and if you’re not present, you’re going to miss a lot of these incredible opportunities in these moments with these people here now.’ When you speak to her, it’s not an act, you’re the only person that exists in that moment, and it’s something that’s incredibly generous of her to do and I’ve learned quite a bit from her.”

And Matichak is following in Curtis’ footsteps in another way: The actress recently started her own production company with two colleagues, and they’re prepping their first feature to go into production in the summer of 2023. In 2020, Curtis started her own shingle, Comet Pictures, after producing a number of films (including Green’s trilogy) over the years.

While much of Matichak’s focus is on that side of her work these days, when asked if she might want to direct something, just like Curtis (who will make her own feature directorial debut with the horror film “Mother Nature”), she said, “Possibly, I would say not yet, but later down the road … I definitely have a very producorial brain, and I feel like my brain fires on all cylinders when I’m in that role. I think not yet for directing, but I wouldn’t count it out down the road.”

It’s a scream queen’s world — we’re just living in it.

A Universal Pictures release, “Halloween Ends” will hit theaters and start streaming on Peacock on Friday, October 14.

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