Sending love Susanna Reid reacts to former ITV co-stars health battle

ITV September teaser stars Susanna Reid and Holly Willoughby

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Susanna Reid took to Twitter yesterday to share the story of a former ITV colleague who suffered a catastrophic allergic reaction while on holiday in 2014, which changed her life forever. Lindsey Bowers shared the story of her friend Amy Shead online in the hope of raising awareness of nut allergies and collecting funds for her on-going care.

Lindsey posted a tweet earlier this month ahead of her wedding day, asking guests to send donations to the Amy May Trust instead of wedding gifts.

She spoke at length of her best friend and former ITV colleague in a heartbreaking post.

Good Morning Britain host Susanna shared the tweet with her own 830,100 followers and sent her love to Amy and her family, who are still living with the consequences of the incident.

Susanna praised Lindsey for her “generous kindness”.

“The wonderful @LindseyCBowers is getting married. But instead of a wedding list she is asking for donations to the @amymaytrust and when you read this thread you will realise why,” the 50-year-old TV star wrote.

“Sending [love] to Amy and her family – and to Lindsey for this act of generous kindness,” she added.

Lindsey’s original post began: “If you’ve followed me for a while, you might know about Amy. We met almost a decade ago, working at ITV.

“I remember making an inappropriate joke and instantly worrying I’d offended her – but instead she just looked at me and burst out laughing and we’ve been firm friends since.”

“Both being bubbly blondes from Essex, Amy and I really hit it off – and got in the habit of occasionally terrorising the celebs we’d find walking around work. (@EamonnHolmes remembers…),” Lindsey’s post continued in the comments section.

She went on to share a string of celebrity encounters that involved Olympian Tom Daly, comedian Russell Brand and Queen guitarist Brian May.

Lindsey said her friend “lit up a room when she walked in” and was “outrageously fun”.

The ITV digital producer then shared further details of the incident which left Amy severely brain-injured; unable to talk, walk or see and wheel-chair bound.

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“But in April 2014 tragedy struck. Through no fault of her own, Amy suffered a catastrophic allergic reaction while on holiday, leading to 19 days in intensive care in Budapest and 11 months in St Thomas’s hospital in London.

“Being a fighter, she survived – but life would never be the same.

“An investigation by specialist lawyers concluded that no compensation can be paid to assist Amy as the restaurant responsible failed to hold Public Liability Insurance.

“No medical insurance can be claimed as Amy’s condition was lifelong and therefore excluded from her policy.”

Seven years later, her parents rely on donations to get their daughter the therapies and equipment she needs to live life as comfortably as possible.

“A really touching story. Totally moved by it. @lindseyCBowers you’re an amazing person for sticking by Amy in such a way,” one follower wrote in the comments section of Susanna’s post.

“What a lovely thing to do, a real true friend,” another added.

“Thank you so much Susanna, your help means the world to us xx,” Lindsey replied.

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