Sesame Place Invites Black Family Back To Park, But Children Too Traumatized

Sesame Place has invited the black family who was allegedly snubbed by one of the park’s mascots to come back … but the family is rejecting the offer, saying the children involved in the viral video remain traumatized.

B’Ivory Lamarr, the attorney for the Brown family, tells TMZ Sesame Place has yet to inform the family as to what happened to the character in question — whether they’ve been disciplined, terminated or placed in another costume to “terrorize other children.”

Lamarr tells us there was a sit-down meeting that occurred three weeks ago between executives at SeaWorld Entertainment and Rev. Jesse Jackson — who previously sent off a letter to the company, proposing ways the park can be better for Black folks. Lamarr says the Browns were invited to the meeting, but were unable to go inside and ended up waiting in the lobby for hours.

There was a follow-up meeting that occurred earlier this week between the Brown family, SeaWorld execs, and the leadership from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Lamarr claims the meeting was labeled a mediation, but really it was just the family voicing their concerns, then being offered a sandwich and cookies.

At some point, SeaWorld execs extended an olive branch to the Browns … encouraging them to return to the theme park, but that offer has been quickly denied, as they don’t want their children to relive their trauma.

Black Child Isolating with Grandmother After Being Traumatized at Sesame Place

If you recall, the Browns lawyered up following a viral video of their two Black children seemingly being rejected by Sesame Place character Rosita, who appeared to shake her head “no” at the kids and refused to hug them.

Since then, Sesame Place has rolled out a new set of policies, including a comprehensive racial equity assessment and bias training for their employees, in light of racial discrimination allegations.

Moving forward, Lamarr says he will pursue each and every legal option available to the Browns … and is calling on all community leaders and activists to stand with the family in solidarity.

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