Should a man split lottery winnings from a ticket gifted at Christmas

Man asks money-saving expert Martin Lewis for advice after girlfriend who bought winning £500 Scratchcard as a Christmas present said she should get some of the money – so, do YOU think it should be shared?

  • British money-saving expert Martin Lewis shared a #MoneyMoralDilemma 
  • Revealed a man is torn if he should share lottery winnings with his girlfriend
  • He added the girlfriend gave the man the scratchcard as a Christmas present
  • Some argued gifts aren’t usually shared, others said they would split winnings 

A man has provoked a heated debate after asking money-saving expert Martin Lewis for advice on dividing a Lottery win. 

Posting on Instagram, the British money-saving shared a question from an unnamed man whose brother won £500 on a National Lottery Scratchcard, which his girlfriend gave him at Christmas.

He explained that the girlfriend believes she’s entitled to some of the money because she bought the Scratchcard. 

The #MoneyMoralDilemma divided Martin’s 82,000 followers as some argued gifts don’t have to be shared, while others claimed they would split their winnings with their significant other in any circumstance.  

Martin Lewis (pictured) sparked a debate about sharing lottery winnings, after revealing a man is torn if he should give any of his windfall to his girlfriend who bought the scratchcard 

Martin posted on Instagram that a man approached him, revealing his brother’s girlfriend thinks she’s entitled to the winnings 

Explaining the situation, Martin posted: ‘Should my brother share his lottery winnings? My brother’s girlfriend gave him a National Lottery Scratchcard as a Christmas gift, and he won £500.

‘She thinks he should give her some of the money as she gave him the card, but I think he should keep it as the card was a present.’    

More than 100 people shared their opinion, with many agreeing with the man that his brother shouldn’t split the winnings.

‘Why would you share a Christmas present? The ticket was a present for him, so the product of that ticket is also for him to do what the hell he likes with it,’ one wrote.

Another said: ‘That’s like giving someone a blender for Christmas and then demanding they give you half the smoothies you make’

A third added: ‘He won £500 not £50m, plus after you gift something it’s a bit rich asking for it back. She’s just gutted it was a winner and didn’t keep it herself. There’s no dilemma… move on’

A stream of responses to the post argued the boyfriend doesn’t have to split the winnings because the scratchcard was a gift 

However others claimed they would share the winnings or use it to buy something they can enjoy with their significant other.    

‘If this was me I’d be booking a holiday away with said girlfriend! Or something nice they can do together? And note to self, don’t buy Scratchcards for others,’ one wrote.

Another said: ‘I would give a little to her, but a gift is a gift. This is why I rarely give lottery tickets’ 

A third argued in favour of the girlfriend saying: ‘Two people should not be in a relationship if they have money issues. She shouldn’t ask for it and he should be happy to share it with her… simple as that.’

Another joked: ‘It was a gift he owes her nothing, but to keep her quiet give her the scratch card money ha’ 

Others claimed they would share the winnings from a scratchcard with their significant other 

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