Sorry for weeing on you! Kate Garraway and her daughter apologise for Beyonce mishap

Kate Garraway reveals Darcey had an accident on Beyoncé

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During an ITV Life Stories episode – the last one Piers Morgan will ever host – 54-year-old Kate Garraway revealed the cringeworthy moment to gasps from the TV audience. 

We all leapt forward, but it was too late!

Kate Garraway

“She was about three or four weeks old so I was on maternity leave and they said: ‘Is there any chance you could interview Beyonce?’

“You don’t say no, do you?” she joked.

Unfortunately for Kate, this meant bringing along a baby not even a month old – an accident waiting to happen.

To Beyonce’s peril, she seemed to have a longing to hold Darcey – and then the inevitable happened.

Kate recalled: “She came out of the room to get a drink of water or something, saw Darcey and said: ‘Oh my God, let me pick up!’

“I was in the early stages of nappies [and] I’d only just changed her [but] I could see it sliding in a perilous way!

“We all leapt forward, but it was too late! She was utterly charming about it, but she did change,” Kate acknowledged.

The audience burst into incredulous laughter.

Piers Morgan is not necessarily one for apologies, having notoriously refused to backtrack on his accusations that Meghan Markle was lying about royal life.

However he did give Kate and Darcy the opportunity to apologise for the embarrassing moment live on air, joking that he knew Beyonce would probably be watching.

Darcy did indeed offer a “belated apology”, confessing into the microphone: “Beyonce, I’m sorry for weeing on you!”

That was just one moment in a series of confessional and honest stories told by Kate on Life Stories earlier this evening.

Kate posted on Instagram to reveal that she was watching along, as she had no idea what edits had been made and which stories would make it to the final cut.

She said: “Watching… slightly through my fingers, Hope I did you proud Piers to be your ‘final’ after such a tremendous run – you certainly did me.”

On a more serious note, having heard Kate’s struggles with her husband Derek falling into a coma last year with covid, some heartfelt responses appeared on her page.

“What a kind inspirational lady you are – I could only hope to be half as good if I was in your position,” carolly8 wrote. “I can only send you my best and pray that Derek continues to improve.”

Meanwhile judysabell chimed in: “Kate you are an absolute Angel, you have kept your family going through very challenging time, and even manage to work, you are remarkable and nothing but respect for you.

“Your children are a credit to you and Derek.”

It’s uncertain whether, in the heat of the moment on interview night, a urine-soaked Beyonce would have agreed.

However, the final episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories certainly had audience appeal.

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