Soulja Boy’s Net Worth: The Rapper Is Worth More Than You Think

Soulja Boy takes pride in his accomplishments, and isn’t afraid to admit it. The rapper took to Twitter in February 2021 to reiterate a claim he’s been making for years: “I created going viral.” Many people agreed with the “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” crooner, considering that the rapper made his claim to fame after posting his music video for “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” on YouTube in 2009. As of March 2021, Soulja’s video has over 400 million views on the platform. The popular song and dance would become a cultural phenomenon that would later open doors for viral dances such as the Milly Rock and the Renegade challenge.

Although it’s been a while since we’ve heard any new bops from Soulja, he’s still actively working behind the scenes as the founder of his record label, Stacks On Deck Entertainment. Additionally, he toggles several different titles as a producer, actor, and entrepreneur, keeping the money rolling in his pockets. The former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star is worth roughly $30 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. As if that isn’t surprising enough, the rapper’s latest business venture involves doing what he loves best: being on social media. Read on!

This is how much money Soulja Boy made from his tweets

Having a net worth of $30 million is already a flex. However, Soulja Boy isn’t ready to stop claiming his bragging rights. In March 2021, the Atlanta native made yet another claim about his career, tweeting, “1st rapper to sell a tweet.” The rapper sold a tweet asking how to sell his tweets as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for an estimated $1,288 in a crypto tweet marketplace. Shortly after his first sale, he sold four more tweets within three hours, per Cryptopolitan

Although the rapper is rightfully claiming to be the first rapper to sell his tweets as NFTs, he is not the first to ever sell a tweet. Notably, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put his first-ever 2006 tweet up for sale a few days prior to Soulja’s announcement, per Be In Crypto. After a long bidding battle, the tweet sold for a jaw-dropping $2.5 million. Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Mark Cuban, and Steve Aoki are also partaking in the sale of their tweets. Despite the NFT market being relatively fresh in March 2021, it looks like it’s a gold mine that Soulja Boy is cashing in on. Must be nice!

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