Steph McGovern’s partner forced to apologise after BBC Breakfast star’s mic blunder

While Steph McGovern, 37, and her partner have been working from home during the coronavirus lockdown, the BBC Breakfast star told her Not Bad For A Monday podcast listeners why her partner had to apologise in an executive meeting. The journalist revealed that she had been listening to their recording that her producer, Geoff, had posted on Twitter.

And all of a sudden I hear my partner apologise to her very important executive meeting.

Steph McGovern

Speaking to her childhood friend Claire and their fellow co-star, Steph spoke about how she and her partner have been getting on while working from home.

She started: “Can I tell you about what happened this week?

“So obviously, me and partner working from home with the baby. So we’re doing that classic thing of handing the baby to each other between each other’s meetings.”

The mother-of-one then explained: “So I am in a separate room trying to listen to a clip of the podcast that Geoff, you just put out on Twitter.”


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Steph then went on to go into detail about what had happened after she tried to play the clip in a separate room.

She continued: “So I start playing it, and I’m like, ‘Why can’t I hear this?’ So I’m pressing it again, pressing it again.

“And all of a sudden I hear my partner apologise to her very important executive meeting, saying, ‘I’m so sorry about that’,” the host added.

“I realise the clip where I’m admitting I wet myself on a bus, is going out to her executive meeting!” she revealed.

Co-host Claire then chipped in with: “Oh no,” as Steph carried on: “Because I used her microphone and headphones and my phone had automatically connected to it. Could you imagine?”

Geoff then quickly said: “Oh my god.”

Steph also reflected back on the time she was with BBC Breakfast, and explained how one guest accidentally left a personal object behind them on camera.

While the host was discussing how video meetings and conference calls are now replacing normal meetings amid the coronavirus pandemic, Claire, Steph and Geoff questioned whether people make sure that the room they are in for their meetings are suitable.


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Steph then couldn’t stop laughing, as she said: “You know this idea of setting up an area to look good.

“So, obviously on telly there’s a lot of Skyping going on, but what’s funnier is that people don’t realise what’s behind them!”

The presenter recalled: “We had a classic on Breakfast where on the fridge – now we can discuss why it was on the fridge shortly – on the fridge, was a massive dildo.”

Soon after the BBC star revealed the moment to the pair, Claire blurted out: “What?!”


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The journalist added: “This person was doing a really serious interview but all anybody was doing is, ‘Is that a dildo?!’

“’Oh my god, can someone zoom in on the shot, zoom in!’ but there’s nothing you can do with people’s camera positions, that’s it.”

While Claire was speechless from Steph’s revelation, Geoff then asked: “How do you attach such a thing to a fridge?”

“Well, it was on top – it was resting on top,” she added.

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