‘Supermum’ on how she preps week’s worth of food for kids without it going soggy

The last thing anyone has the energy to do after a long and busy day is prepare their lunch for tomorrow.

But Suzanne, a smart-thinking mum from Queensland, cut her families meal prep in half by packing food for up to five days at a time.

She shared the impressive meal prep on Facebook and was soon inundated with other mums praising her great idea. 

Suzanne opted for 25 Go Green lunch boxes, which claim to keep food fresher for longer with their air tight lids – perfect for meal prep.

In every box, there's both savoury and sweet snacks like sandwiches, crackers, fruit and popcorn, to fulfill everybody's lunch time cravings.

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If this isn't already meal prep goals, Suzanne had to buy a second fridge to hold all of the boxes.

She even writes the specific date that each lunch should be eaten and by who.

And since the children order their lunches from the school canteen on Friday's, Suzanne said there's no need for bread and "nothing goes soggy".

One person commented on the post: "These organised parents are inspiring!!!"

Another said: "I think this mumma has sold me on getting a Go Green! I love that they stay fresh. Anything that helps with time and being organised is an amazing feeling! Good work mumma!"

A third said: "Way to go super mum!!! I LOVED my Go Greens when my kids were in primary school. Best thing ever, you're doing an awesome job!!"

However, a few mum's were more interested in how much she dished out on the lunch boxes…

One said: "That's a HUGE investment in lunch boxes as well. Well done xx"

Whilst another said: "Never mind the food prep.. the $1000 worth of lunch boxes has me on the floor"

The author of the group replied claiming that Suzanne purchased all of the boxes second hand, at much lower prices than they retail for.

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