Tattoo model strips down to bikini to show off hundreds of inkings

A stunning model caused quite a meltdown with her latest snap on Instagram.

The beauty, who goes by the name GymGamerGirl, has garnered 386,000 Instagram followers where she shows off her ink.

On her social media platform she describes herself as a "model outside – nerd inside".

Now posting to her legion of fans, the influencer rocked a sexy bikini as she put her hundreds of tattoos on full display.

She wrote last week: "That was a beautiful day. How was your day?"

In the photo, the blonde babe wore a black and pink bikini as she stood candidly in the money shot.

The post racked up 30,200 likes and thousands of comments from her admirers.

One wrote: "Beautiful ink work," another added: "Fully inked, awesome."

While a third commented: "A work of art," and a fourth gushed: "Love your ink."

The Twitch streamer enjoys going to the gym and expresses herself through body art.

Previously, she opened up about what she looked like before she began inking herself.

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The model said: "Many have asked me 'how did you look before?' Here is the answer. I had a very bad time then and had nothing.

"As a girl I had very bad acne, as good as no friends and was always excluded."

But all that is in the past as the German model feels much more comfortable in her own skin.

The bombshell flaunts her jaw-dropping tattoos where she's covered from neck-to-toe in body art.

She previously wrote: "I look this way today because I feel so comfortable, because I had a bad time and changed so much."

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She added: "YOU have to feel comfortable in your body… I'm grateful for how it all turned out.

"If people from the past write to me today they can just kiss my a*se because NOW I feel better than ever before.

"I am independent, free and live my life the way I want it!"

The tattoo model, who calls herself a "super nerd", shares snaps on her social media platforms and OnlyFans account.

She boasts over 8,800 followers on her Twitter account.

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