Teen Mom Family Reunion Stars Break Down Ashley Beef And React to Her 'Crazy' Briana Fight (Exclusive)

"It was chaos. And when bodily fluids started being thrown around, I was like, okay, that's enough."

Tensions were high when the women of “Teen Mom Family Reunion” got together to film the show’s second season — and Ashley Jones was at the center of a lot of the drama.

Going into filming, many of Ashley’s costars were already upset with her after she seemingly broke a pact they all made in which they agreed not to go after one another on social media. Both Briana DeJesus and “Young & Pregnant” star Kiaya Elliott were clearly the most steamed before they started filming … and it didn’t take long for their frustrations to blow up big time once cameras were rolling.

Heightening the drama even more: most of the Teen Moms’ moms joined them for the new season — and their mama bear claws came out.

TooFab caught up with Elliott, Catelynn Baltierra, Maci Bookout McKinney and Jade Cline ahead of the “Family Reunion” Season 2 premiere, where they opened up about their issues with Ashley and whether they’ve ever had any issues holding up their end of the bargain when it comes to smack talking their costars online.

“I mean, it’s not hard for me to not go online and bash everyone. It’s not hard for me to not bash girls. I have so much going on in my life, the last thing I think about is going online and being hateful to each other,” said Cline. “I don’t think that’s something I’ve ever really done anyway, or really any of the girls here. I don’t feel like that’s something in our character we do on a normal basis anyway. So, no, it definitely wasn’t hard to hold that pact. I think that pact was something that should have been taken serious, especially at our age.”

“I’m too grown, I ain’t got time for that!” exclaimed Baltierra. “I got three babies. I ain’t got no time for that.”

Maci, meanwhile, said now that she has a child who’s old enough to use social media herself, she has to be an example for him.

“My biggest thing, everyone kind of saw on the last season of OG, with Bentley getting social media, I can’t expect him to behave accordingly if I am doing stuff like that,” she explained. “It’s like — and I hate to say this cheesy line — but practice what you preach. If I don’t want my kid behaving like this or someone treating my child like this, I’m for damn sure not going to do that. That would make zero sense.”

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Both Elliott and Jones appeared on “Young & Pregnant” at the same time, before Jones jumped over to “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.” The latest “Family Reunion” is a first for Elliott, who was ready to confront Jones from the jump when it came to addressing their past social media drama.

“I think the end result that I was hoping for wasn’t necessarily to be friends with this person. I think I decided a long time ago my determination of what type of person I think this person is and what I think about their character,” Kiaya told TooFab, not referring to Ashley by name. “So going into this, I wasn’t really looking for a resolution because I kind of already knew what to expect.”

“I think it just felt good to get it off of my chest, if that makes sense. It was a lot of tension. You could literally cut the tension with a knife. And, to me, just holding all of it in would have made my experience awkward and uncomfortable just because I feel like my actions wouldn’t be genuine,” she continued.

While viewers will have to see how their conversation — or confrontation — plays out, Elliott said she felt like she accomplished what she set out to do. She added that having her mom next to her was also a great help, as her mother is the more even-tempered of the two.

“A point that my mom made that kind of made me leave it alone with them is I can’t get offended by what this girl is saying about me or what she’s doing about me, because that whole family’s dynamic is chaos,” she added.

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Of course, their argument isn’t the only chaotic moment of the season. The trailer (above) teases a huge blowout between Briana, her mom Roxy and Ashley and her own mother Tea — a fight so bad it apparently led to Ashley getting disinvited from Cheyenne Floyd’s wedding. The footage looks pretty brutal, with Briana climbing over furniture and security guards after Ashley allegedly spit in her face.

“It was chaos. And when bodily fluids started being thrown around, I was like, okay, that’s enough,” Baltierra told TooFab. “We’re in a pandemic. You can transfer diseases that way. Anybody spit on me, my fists are going to be swinging. I feel like anybody gets spit on, all your morals, values and ethics go out the window, like rightfully so.”

“It was intense, it was crazy, but also, that’s not the whole point of the show,” she added. “I don’t want it all to be focused on this huge fight. There’s so much growth that happened after that and amazing moments, hard moments … but it was crazy.”

While this trip may not have been without its drama, the women all sounded like they were on board for another one. They made it clear they’d love to travel somewhere a little warmer, like Hawaii, next — and Kiaya is hoping to take the reigns.

“Somewhere tropical and I wanna plan it,” she said of her hopes. “I think it would be fun for the ‘Young + Pregnant’ to plan it and take control. Since I’m young, I wanna show everybody I can handle something this big and I can be mature. I think I should plan it.”

“Teen Mom Family Reunion” premieres Tuesday, January 3 on MTV.

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