The 1975's Matty Healy Gets Tempted By Some Friendly Lips On 'The Birthday Party'

The 1975 recently took the world inside of a Valentine’s Day house party with their nostalgic “Me & You Together Song” video, and now they’ve shared a new song that brings you a similar experience, but without the, you know, love inside of it. “The Birthday Party” captures the sounds and feels of someone attending an event that probably shouldn’t be there, but is anyway.

We’ve all been to parties that we probably shouldn’t be at. Maybe there’s an important exam to study for tomorrow, or maybe there’s a prior engagement that should have taken priority. For frontman Matty Healy, it’s because he has partner at home and doesn’t need to be around the temptation. The chill and hazy atmosphere of “The Birthday Party” gives him the time to woozily walk listeners through the experience and let us know why exactly he needs to stay away.

So here’s how it goes. Healy’s friends, who were set to go to a Pinegrove show before they were aware of “the weird stuff,” decide to attend a birthday party and the singer tags along. He’s skeptical because he has a partner so he doesn’t want anyone to try and kiss him. So once he gets there, guess what? Someone tries to plant a fast one on him but he dodges it in slow motion.

He realizes, soon after, that he probably shouldn’t have come. For now, though, he’ll relax with his friends who will help him remain free of temptation. “I depend on my friends to stay clean / As sad as it seems,” he sings, repeating the last line and seemingly referencing his past problems with substance abuse.

“The Birthday Party” will appear on the band’s forthcoming album, Notes On A Conditional Form, that drops on April 24. The LP will also feature “Me & You Together Song,” their self-titled song that features climate change activist Greta Thunberg, “Frail State of Mind,” and more.

Check out “The Birthday Party” up above.

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