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The Beauty Inside is a 2018 South Korean television series based on the 2015 film of the same. Beauty Inside – Drama Seo Hyun-jin and Lee Min-ki Top Billing for Drama Recreation of Popular Film. Original release: October 1 ; NovemExecutive producer, s, : Jang Kyung-ik; Kim Wo. Synopsis Cast Original soundtrackDrama series The Beauty Inside is a remake of 2015 South Korean film The Beauty Inside with certain major elements of the original story changed.

Drama Shows will be: at in all of South Korean cities: Seoul, HongKong, S. Synopsis The love story between two people is a romantic story, but what really drives the story is a very special person. In fact this special person has a very special power and this power is so strange that its not at all understood by anybody else. Even though everyone tries to understand it, they still dont understand. A beauty inside a beauty this is what goes on inside the mind of the girl named Yoon Dae-sang who is obsessed with a famous singer. In this fantasy world, the power of a beauties inside a beauties can change the world. Because the man who is the reason for the beauty inside a beautys power is also the one who has the power inside the beautiful. The beauty inside a beautiful girl can give a love confession to anyone. What will happen to him, her, their world and their love if it is a fairy tale. Show lessIf you like this blog, you might also like my book, and my novel, Blood Song. Blood Song is now available in ebook and paperback on Amazon. Com, here are the links for Kindle and NookIn the past year, Ive been blogging about my research on the Great Migration, about our current situation with housing, homelessness, and gentrification, about the growing segregation of the city, and about issues of racism that have recently come to the forefront. Some of those posts have been particularly long, while some have been really short. This one is a bit short, and also pretty technical; its not very original, but it is also a good read – and I think a good idea for future blogs. In the 1980s, as Americas cities were developing, most of the people moving into the urban core were white. The vast majority of these people were upper middle class. They were well educated and high-skilled – and they were not, strictly speaking, poor.

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