The Chase contestant makes history after bagging £80k

The Chase: Contestant wins £80K prize biggest on show

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During a new episode of the ITV quiz show The Chase, contestants Toby, Annabelle, Sarah and Dan joined forces to face Jenny “The Vixen” Ryan to win a staggering amount of money. Jenny seemed to be in top form as she successfully knocked out the first three contestants. However, Dan went on to make The Chase history as he won a record-breaking amount by himself in the Final Chase.

Dan was the last contestant to step up to the podium opposite Bradley and made a respectable £5,000 in his cash-builder.

Facing Jenny, she decided to offer a low amount of £1,000 and an impressive £80,000 for the higher offer.

Unfortunately for Dan, the rest of his team had been knocked during their rounds with Jenny and had no one to ask for advice.

Taking the plunge and telling Bradley and Jenny, “I have nothing to lose,” he decided to take the £80,000.

Jenny praised his confidence and revealed that she would have made the same position if she was in his shoes.

During their face-off, Jenny was keen to go for a full house knockout and eliminate Dan but got one question wrong which meant Dan could widen the gap.

He flew through the round and made it back for the Final Chase with a chance to win a life-changing sum of money.

Dan managed to get 17 steps ahead of Jenny which Bradley was stunned to see despite him being on his own.

The tense round left Bradley, Jenny and Dan on edge, but with three successful pushbacks and Jenny getting two questions wrong, Dan beat The Chaser with just one question to go.

Impressed with the outcome, Bradley told Dan: “Unbelievable, the highest amount any single player has ever won!

“Seriously! £80,000. Dan, that was great! Five attempts to push back (and) three executed. When you threw the first two pushbacks away I thought we were in trouble.

“Chaser needed one, brilliant performance! £80,000 well done, what are you going to spend it on?”

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Stunned by his win, Dan revealed: “Spend a bit longer in New Zealand than I planned originally,” after he previously told Bradley his girlfriend’s family live out there.

Bradley joked that Dan had only won £72,000 as “10 per cent” went to him: “That’s the way it goes, I’m going up the pub with the crew and have a lovely time.”

Jenny praised Dan’s performance and branded his win “sensational”.

Viewers at home who were watching, took to their social media accounts to praise Dan’s win, with Anual Gautam commenting: “Wow, that’s amazing. Dan on the Chase, what a terrific player, Congratulations.”

Rufus Oyemade added: “Omg!!!! Dan won £80k. The highest single win ever #TheChase.”

@Pembrayslay joked: “Not only did he win £80k…he doesn’t have to share it, what a result #TheChase.”

Maria Ferguson praised: “#TheChase never rooted for someone more in my life tbh.”

With Phil Boyce congratulating: “Heroic effort and what a player #TheChase.” (sic)

The Chase airs weekdays from 5pm on ITV.

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