The Chase’s Bradley Walsh fumes ‘is this a joke’ over odd quiz question

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    The Chase's Bradley Walsh was left fuming after he came across a quiz question that left him wondering if it was "a joke".

    The ITV welcomed four new contestants onto the show and assisted all of them as they went head to head against Paul Sinha, known as the Sinner Man.

    Eventually, Bradley landed on a question that left him clearly bewildered as he asked the contestant to respond.

    He said: "What does 'lesser spotted' mean in the name of the bird 'lesser spotted woodpecker'? A, rarely seen. B, not many spots. C, small and spotty. Is that a joke?!"

    Walsh's face was a picture of confusion as the audience and panel laughed at his dig at the producers.

    The contestant and Sinha then made their choices while Bradley maintained an expression of amazement.

    Bradley then revealed that the player had put "small and spotty,' which they then explained that they "may have overthought it".

    The dumbfounded Walsh then told him that the correct answer was indeed "small and spotty" and the pair breathed a sigh of relief.

    He took a step closer to home while Paul's answer flashed up on the screen, revealing that he had chosen "not many spots".

    They then moved on to the next question which appeared to be tricky, but the player answered with ease.

    Bradley said: "Which of these hormones increases protein synthesis which can result in enhanced muscle growth? A, cortisol. B, testosterone. C, melatonin."

    The player then chose his answer, which was testosterone, and Bradley took the opportunity to show off.

    He said: "I've got plenty of that, Marky boy!"

    The contestant once again landed on the correct answer as Bradley came round the side of the playing table and told him to "feel that".

    Walsh offered the player his bicep and the player willingly played along and squeezed his arm.

    The presenter tried to wind him up and pretended that the player had hurt him by pinching his muscles too hard and grimaced at the move.

    He jokingly asked "what was the matter with him" as the action was "so aggressive".

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