‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Funniest Moments

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond is known for her comfort meals, flower tops, and quirky sense of humor. If you follow the Food Network star on social media, you’ll be treated to her jokes and funny musings about life. There are also plenty of photos of her recipes and cute animals. Here are some of Drummond’s funniest moments.

Ree Drummond says she would vote for butter if it ran for president

In a funny post about herlove of butter, Drummond listed how much she adores the condiment. She went asfar as writing, “If butter ran for president, I would vote for it.” Butterwould easily get Drummond’s vote if it entered the next presidential election.

In the same blog post, she further expressed her undyingdedication to, and love for, butter. “I love butter. This is a fact that iswell established, well known, well proven, and well demonstrated,” wroteDrummond. “My fridge is filled with not sticks of butter, but pounds. As aningredient, I believe in butter.”

Ree Drummond admits she once snuck a cat on an airplane

You’ve heard of snakes on plane, but what about cats? In anInstagram post, Ree confessed to her fans she once snuck a cat onto anairplane. She started her confession by saying she had a dream that she snuck acat onto a plane, but then she revealed this also happened to her in real life.Here’s what Ree posted:

I dreamed last night that I sneaked a cat onto a plane. This came from a real experience: I actually did this in ninth grade. My mom was really mad. True story. (I needed a caption to go with this selfie, so I just wrote the first thing that popped in my head. I don’t know why I dreamed this so many years later.) Maybe I’ll share the cat/plane story in detail sometime. Maybe not. (His name was Tiger. He thought it was fun!)

The Pioneer Woman star jokes that she wears a ton of eyeliner

One of Drummond’s favorite makeup items is eyeliner. Sheoften jokes that she wears way too much of it. In one of her Instagram posts,Drummond mentions she’s going to visit Ladd. In the photo, it’s easy to see shehas a lot of eyeliner on, but she jokes that she didn’t wear enough. “Headingto see Ladd at the pens,” wrote Drummond. “I don’t think I have on enougheyeliner for this occasion.”

In another Instagram post, Drummond makes fun ofher love of eyeliner. She says she wears more eyeliner than she should. “Thisphoto sums me up: Cooking, smiling, wearing more eyeliner than I probablyshould, slightly sweaty. I’ve been hot since the day I was born, and I don’tmean the [fire emoji] kind. Oh! And a puffed sleeve! Bye.”

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