The Traitors celebrity version ‘in the works’

The Traitors: Kieran votes for Wilfred in the final

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Now, it’s reported the BBC have a celebrity version in the works while Claudia Winkleman has revealed who she would love to see take part. Aaron Evans, Hannah Byczkowski and Meryl Williams were all revealed as Faithfuls in the show’s final episode and took home a share of £101,000 after they eliminated all of the Traitors.

The show has become so popular with BBC viewers and celebrities, the broadcaster is looking to do a special series.

“Everyone’s been thrilled with how much love there’s been for The Traitors and a celebrity version is a natural next step,” a source told Mirror Online.

“Viewers will get to see different sides of some big names as they try to manipulate others or uncover the truth about fellow players.”

Host Claudia even has a few ideas of her own about who should be signed up.

She confidently revealed: “Victoria Coren, Kirsty Young, Adam Woodyatt, Stephen Fry, Alison Hammond… let’s do that.”

The final five contestants joined Claudia on her Radio 2 show on Saturday with Hannah explaining the reaction has been “absolutely crazy”.

“I still can’t believe what’s happening,” she said. “People are asking me for photos when I haven’t got any make-up on.

“It’s just mad. I can’t believe that it’s happened but it’s just so exciting.”

Aaron went on to confirm everyone has remained friends: “We’ve all stayed in touch and got a group chat.

“We were all talking the whole way through. It’s just been an amazing experience.”

Claudia went on to reveal the Faithful who were “murdered” throughout the show were not told who the Traitors were until the series was broadcast.

“Everyone is in the dark,” she explained.

Meryl said she was “still wrapping her head around” the series and who the Traitors were.

“I genuinely don’t think I knew what I was doing the whole way through,” Meryl shared.

She added: “I’m ecstatic. It’s a real pinch me moment and I think it’s so good because we can relive it all when we want.”

Meanwhile, Kieran, who was kicked out, returned as a Faithful and ended the show as a Traitor, said of his time: “I wouldn’t change anything, it was good to do everything I did.”

He added “I had my suspicions” Wilfred was the remaining Traitor before he was asked to switch sides.

Following their win, Aaron explained he’d put his share on a deposit for a house for his mum, Meryl wants to use the prize fund for her career or travel while Hannah is yet to decide what to use it for.

The Traitors is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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