These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Best At Meeting The Parents

You know it’s serious with your S.O. when it’s finally time to introduce them to your family. Some of us are lucky enough to have super friendly and open-minded parents, making the introduction a breeze. Others aren’t so fortunate, with parents who might be conservative down to the bone, a presence so intimidating that it scares even you. No matter where your family falls on the spectrum, you hope beyond all hope that everyone gets along, because if they don’t, it could be a major deal breaker. Your S.O. might even be overly shy, known for saying the wrong things, or a little too wild for the average parental unit to understand, making the process that much more nerve-wracking. If the fumbling S.O. is something you’d like to avoid, you need to know that these zodiac signs are best at meeting the parents: Libra, Taurus, and Cancer. Date one of these signs if you want a full guarantee that your parents will approve.

These signs know just what to say to your parents. Even if you’re not serious about them, your parents will wish you were. Their devotion to you reverberates from their being and their family values are genuine, making them a solid addition to your clan.

Libra: Your Charismatic Partner In Crime

Libras exude positive vibes whenever they set foot in a room. Their charm is so subtle and delicate that even the most guarded set of parents will be swayed by their wit. They also dive into partnerships with everything they’ve got, making their S.O. the center of their universe. Your parents will see their obvious care for you and feel like you’re in good hands.

Being the strongest diplomat in all the zodiac, Libras can also navigate through conflict and disagreements with stunning ease. If they have nothing in common with your parents, they’ll still find a way to relate to them. If the conversation enters controversial territory, they’ll make sure everyone continues to get along. With how harmonious Libras are, they could befriend a ferocious dragon. Your parents? They’ll be a piece of cake.

Taurus: Your Solid & Trustworthy Rock

A Taurus not only convinces your parents that they’re awesome to have around, they also make sure everything looks good on paper. This earth sign is focused on creating a stable foundation for your relationship to prosper from and your parents will notice how responsible they are. They likely have a great job, an idea of where they’d like to be in 10 years, and you can bet they’ll be the first ones to lend a helping hand at the dinner table and wash all the dishes. A Taurus is reliable and your parents will feel relieved that you’ve chosen someone so solid.

Did I mention they’re also, hands down, the greatest cook in all the zodiac? This sign is sensual and they concoct delicacies using all five of their senses, adding each ingredient with tender, loving care. They’ll eagerly jump at the chance to win your family over with their epic skills in the kitchen, showing everyone that you’ll definitely have a picture-perfect future together.

Cancer: Your Family-Oriented Sweetheart

Although your Cancer will probably be ridiculously shy when they first meet your parents, their kind-hearted and loving nature will become apparent to them in no time. This sign has a fiercely sensitive heart. They feel pulled to make absolute sure that everyone is taken care of. They’re also highly domestic and home is their favorite place in the world. This sign has been dreaming of starting a family since they can remember and their concern over having a great relationship with your parents will make them feel so happy you found them.

A Cancer is essentially a parent themselves, even if they don’t have kids. They just care so deeply much about being mother to their loved ones, making sure they’re healthy, safe, and content. They feel validated by nurturing others. Your parents will feel confident that with your Cancer in the picture, the family can only grow stronger.

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