Tipping Point contestant makes embarrassed Ben Shephard squirm with lover gaffe

In a hilarious moment on the quiz show, host Ben Shephard was left asking “Who’s Bob?” when contestant Margaret made a huge blunder. The contestant later admitted Bob was actually her husband leaving the Tipping Point host in hysterics.

Speaking about the moment on Good Morning Britain, Kate Garraway said to Ben: “If you go on Tipping Point it’s a big moment.

“Fans of Tipping Point, they want to go on it, they want to be part of it, they’re looking forward to it.

“We’re going to meet Ben Shephard, we’re going to meet Ben Shephard!’ And then they meet Ben Shephard and, well, if you’re Margaret, they can’t remember you’re Ben Shephard!”

Kate was referring to last night’s episode when a contestant seemed to forget where she was and forget she wasn’t in her own home.

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Margaret might have fought off three other contestants to get to the final but it wasn’t an easy ride for her. 

Getting to the final purely by chance, Margaret was struggling to push any coins off the ledge. 

In a moment of exhaustion, Margaret said to Ben: “Drop zone two again, please, Bob.” 

Ben took a moment and looked at the camera very confused before he started laughing.

Margaret was left red-faced with her head in her hands as she scrambled for something to say. 

Ben asked: “So, who’s Bob?” and Margaret quickly answered it was her partner, leaving the two in hysterics. 

“Is your partner really called Bob?” he begged to know.

Margaret replied: “Yeah. I’m thinking now I’m taking you home with me.”

“Well, everyone wins around there, Margaret. Apart from Bob who might be a bit put out,” Ben smiled.

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She continued: “If I don’t get the jackpot, you’re coming home with me.”

“Where now, Margaret?” said Ben as he tried to move the show on, still laughing from the blunder. 

She accurately said: “Ah, drop zone two, please, Ben.” 

Talking to Kate and Charlotte Hawkin on GMB this morning, Ben said: “It’s Ben not Bob, but I respond to most things as you well know.”


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Kate replied: “Well at least Bob isn’t her dog.”

Margaret took the money and landed herself £2,850, celebrating: “I’m delighted, I never thought I would get this far. So, my family will be very proud of me.”

Ben said: “And £2,850 might get you some way towards the Barrier Reef. 

“I am delighted. Absolutely delighted. I’ve had a great day, I really have.”

Tipping Point continues on ITV tonight at 4pm. 

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