Top five films: best of the big screen

Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear, from Toy Story.


With its distorted sets and a spiralling plot involving hypnotism, hallucination and murder, Robert Wiene’s 1920 silent Expressionist classic crystallises the notion of cinema as an evil dream. Digitally projected, with its soundtrack performed live by Australian pianist-composer Ashley Hribar. Astor, Sunday, 7pm.

TOY STORY (81 minutes) G

Computer animation has developed in leaps and bounds since 1995, but this first instalment in the Toy Story saga still sets a benchmark for ingenious, touching storytelling. Tom Hanks supplies the voice for Woody, the loyal cowboy; Tim Allen is Buzz Lightyear, the deluded action figure whose friendship with Woody gets off to a bumpy start. Screens as part of the Disney BFF Festival. Digitally projected. Selected Village cinemas (check online).

THE LODGE (108 minutes) MA

Austrian filmmakers Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala follow up their debut feature Goodnight Mommy with another eerie examination of the perils of childcare, this time set in snowy Massachusetts. Riley Keough keeps us guessing as the heroine, who was raised in a cult and could be either villain or victim. Selected.

EASY A (92 minutes) M

Loosely modelled on The Scarlet Letter, Will Gluck’s 2010 teen comedy offers a mild critique of what would later be known as “slut-shaming” — and more crucially, announced to the world that the young Emma Stone was a star. 35-millimetre print. Astor, Saturday, 7.30pm. Double bill with Little Women.

TOP DOG FILM FESTIVAL (90 minutes) Unrated

As the title promises, this assemblage of independent shorts is entirely concerned with dogs and their owners, including dogs in the snow, in the desert, and in space. Real-life canine companions are welcome to come along to this outdoor screening in support of Assistance Dogs Australia, and will even receive a free snack. Moonlight Cinema (Botanic Gardens), Saturday, 8.45pm.

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