TOWIEs Pete Wicks shares his nightmare as dog breaks mums arm

TOWIE star Pete Wicks has shared how his dog broke his mother Tracy's arm.

In an episode of his podcast Staying Relevant Pete's co-host Sam Thompsoncalls for a moment of silence, before revealing that Tracy suffered a broken arm “because of her son”. Pete then explains the sorry tale – confessing: “It wasn’t my fault. It was Peggy’s, my dog.”

Telling the story, Pete reveals that his mum was looking after his dogs and took them both for a walk. Peggy, his french bulldog, will often get excitable when she sees other dogs in the park.

He said: “My mum wasn’t paying attention and Peggy darted off to see another dog. My mum was holding the lead and pulled her flat on her face. She tried to break her fall with her arm and broke it.”

He then adds: “Do I feel bad? Yes. Is it funny? Yes.” Pete also says that it’s a “nightmare now” as his mum has to walk the dogs one at a time as she can’t hold both leads.

Pete then goes on to explain how his mum didn’t realise the extent of the injury at the time and has carried on without seeking medical treatment for the past two weeks, branding her a “soldier”. She only went to the doctor’s after the pain was “excruciating” and now has her “whole arm in plaster.”

Now co-hosting a hit podcast, Pete and former Made in Chelsea star Sam’s close friendship has stood the test of time since the pair met onCelebs Go Datingin 2018. They even went on a double date together and while neither of them found love on the E4 dating show a bromance was born.

In aninterview with OK!Sam said of their friendship: “Yin and Yang over here – I think that’s why we work so well together. I genuinely do balance Pete out. There are times when I’ll call him and just be like, “How are you?” And he says, “Don’t do this,” but I won’t let him hang up until he tells me how he is. And there’s other things where he teaches me how to be a bit more “Pete”. So I do think we help each other mentally.”

Pete added: “Yeah, I agree with that. I think the most important thing for anyone is that even if you’re just talking about your day, it’s knowing that someone is there and someone cares. Sam is always there for me, and vice versa, so that’s good. Mainly good for him, but also for me, sometimes.”

Sam even went so far as to say that Pete would be the top contender for best man at his future wedding to girlfriendZara McDermott . He said: “when we get married one day, he’s the best man. The stag will be in Vegas, Pete needs to organise that.”


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