Tulsa King star ‘wasn’t prepared’ for huge finale twist

Tulsa King: Sylvester Stallone stars in Paramount+ trailer

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Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan returned to screens last year for another epic crime series, this time set within the seedy underbelly of a growing crime empire in Oklahoma. Rocky star Sylvester Stallone heads up Tulsa King as formerly incarcerated crime boss Dwight ‘The General’ Manfredi, but his main co-star for the new Paramount+ drama was initially unsure if she’d return for season two.

Andrea Savage wasn’t prepared for her character’s fate in Tulsa King’s jaw-dropping season finale.

The first season of Taylor’s hit new series concluded last week, and has already been renewed for a second outing.

However, it was unclear whether Andrea would be returning as Dwight’s love interest Stacy Beale until the very last episode of season one.

Thankfully, the finale didn’t waste time confirming Stacy had survived the gunshot sustained in the previous episode.

Despite the couple seemingly making up, Stacy ultimately chose her career over the mafia capo and turned him over to the authorities.

“I was not given any heads up,” Andrea revealed about the season finale.

“I got the second-to-last one and saw that I’d been shot, and I didn’t know if it was fatal.”

Although Stacy will presumably return in season two, Dwight will have to come to terms with the fact she betrayed him to the law rather than continuing their relationship.

The ATF agent certainly believes she made the right decision, but it could come back to bite her if the rest of Dwight’s syndicate learns who sold out their boss.

“I didn’t know how ol’ Stacy fared,” Andrea told TVLine. “I’m happy she survived.

“And I’m very curious as to where we go from here. I’m sure fans will not be happy with Stacy.”

Andrea’s comments thankfully seem to suggest Stacy will be back in action once she’s made a full recovery in season two.

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Unfortunately, it’s unclear when the next instalment of Tulsa King will surface, as there are no set plans for production just yet.

“You know, I can’t even speculate. I know nothing. There’s no information,” Andrea admitted about her role in season two.

When pressed for any filming information, she added: “Literally there’s a full void of information. I wish I could give you some tidbit.

“Or I wish I could say I was holding something back in some mysterious way, but I’m not.”

Even so, Andrea does have some idea about what kind of course Stacy’s life-changing decision could set her on once Tulsa King returns.

“I think Dwight changed Stacy in that she finally woke up a bit from this sort of numbed, dead state that she’s been in of divorce, just going through the day,” she explained.

“She was not really attached to anybody, not really moving one way or the other, and it kind of woke her up to some feelings again.

“Romantic feelings and a connection that she hadn’t felt. Even though it backfired and didn’t end up turning into something.”

Whether or not Stacy and Dwight will reconcile will remain a mystery for now, but, hopefully, fans won’t have to wait too long to delve back into Oklahoma’s criminal underworld.

Tulsa King season 1 is available to stream on Paramount+.

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