Urgent warning ahead of shock temperature spike – the crucial checks all households should make to avoid disaster | The Sun

BRITS are being warned to carry out crucial checks on their homes before temperatures soar tomorrow after days of freezing cold.

Temperatures dropped to -17.3C as the cold snap gripped Britain this week – but from tonight the mercury will spike back up to 14C.

Now water supply companies including Severn Trent are warning that the huge jump in temperatures could cause pipes to burst.

This leaves homes vulnerable to flooding and water damage due to "freeze thaw", which is when pipes crack as the water freezes and then melts rapidly.

Frozen pipes can result in a water blockage and can even burst, creating a leak that could damage your home.

Thames water has now issued advice for any Brits who believe their pipes may be frozen and burst…


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  1. As the temperature rises, check your pipes in any cold places such as the loft or garage – can you spot any water dripping from the pipe?
  1. Find your stop tap, which is usually under the kitchen sink and turn it clockwise to turn off the water.
  1. Turn off your heating, open all your taps to drain the system quickly.
  1. Soak up any escaping water with towels.

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  1. Check with your home insurance company to see if you’re covered for leaks and bursts or call a plumber.
  1. If there is any water near your electrics, be sure to switch them off at the mains.

It comes as Brits are facing rolling power cuts with the Met Office blamed for failing to give enough warning about the current sub-zero weather.

Insiders believe if experts had predicted the freezing temperatures early enough, officials could have stocked up with gas to meet demand.

Instead, Brits could be hit with rolling power cuts as National Grid struggles to cope, the Mail on Sunday reports.

Some Westminster sources have now questioned if the Met Office's work-from-home advice could be behind the failings.

One told the newspaper: "Is this another occasion where working from home has lowered the quality of public service?"

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