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Students first haircut at Crave Beauty Academy at Wichita. 00size-6Students First Haircut At Crave Beauty Academy in W WichitaWelcome to CraveBeautyAcademy. The school was started by students in 2007 as a business class project. The school uses online classes to teach students the value of self-sufficiency. The students, who have some financial and professional resources, teach the course. Students are taught how to make their own personal financial decisions. Our students work with their instructors to come up with ideas of how to make money, not only from their own efforts but from the sale of their products, services and merchandise. We learn how to sell our products and take our products to market to get our products out to the public, who are then encouraged to purchase. We teach these concepts through the course curriculum, so that we are able to have the students learn at school and teach at home. After school, we use our products to promote the concept of self-sufficiency. We create a variety of merchandise to sell through various online sources. We also purchase products from online or brick and mortar shops and produce our own sales. We then distribute the products within the community.

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