Which Celebrity Does Jeff Probst Want on 'Survivor?'

Currently, Survivor is celebrating its 40th season, and 20th year on the air, with the first cast consisting entirely of former winners. Other previous season themes have included tribes divided by ethnicities, gender, and age, tribes divided by reputation such as heroes against villains or brain versus beauty versus brawn, and players against their loved ones.

More themes include divisions by social class, generation, a dominant perceived trait such as heroes vs. hustlers vs. healers, and tribes divided between underdogs and overachievers.

While celebrities have competed in seasons before, Survivor has not yet had an all-celebrity edition. Showrunner and Jeff Probst admitted he has thought about having a star-studded season and revealed which Tony and Emmy-Award winner he would like to watch compete.

Which celebrities have competed on ‘Survivor’ so far?

Retired NFL quarterback, Gary Hogeboom (Guatemala), placed 7th

Actor and screenwriter, Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands, Micronesia, and Cook Islands), placed 7th, 15th (medically evacuated), 6th, respectively

Professional poker player, Jean-Robert Bellande (China), placed 9th

Late WWE wrestler, Ashley Massaro (China), placed 15th

Retired Olympic track & field athlete, Crystal Cox (Gabon), placed 6th

Professional gamer, Kenny Hoang (Gabon), placed 5th

R&B singer, Taj Johnson-George (Tocantins), placed 4th

Retired NFL coach, Jimmy Johnson (Nicaragua), placed 18th

Retired NFL wide receiver, Grant Mattos (Redemption Island), placed 8th

Retired NFL offensive tackle, Steve Wright (Redemption Island), placed 10th

Country music singer and songwriter, Whitney Duncan (South Pacific), placed 9th

Retired MLB second baseman, Jeff Kent (Philippines), placed 10th

Child actress, Lisa Whelchel (Philippines), finished runner-up

Retired NFL defensive tackle, Brad Culpepper (Blood vs. Water and Game Changers), placed 15th and runner-up, respectively

Former President of the Miami Marlins, David Samson (Cagayan), placed 18th

Retired NBA player, Cliff Robinson (Cagayan), placed 14th

Retired MLB relief pitcher, John Rocker (San Juan del Sur), placed 16th

Retired NFL football placekicker, Tyler Fredrickson (Worlds Apart), placed 7th

YouTube sensation, Will Sims II (Worlds Apart), finished runner-up

Retired NBA player, Scot Pollard (Kaôh Rōng), placed 8th

Former Olympic swimmer, Katrina Radke (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers), placed 18th

Retired NFL cornerback, Alan Ball (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers), placed 15th

WWE wrestler, John Hennigan (David vs. Goliath), placed 12th

Actor and writer, Mike White (David vs. Goliath), finished runner-up

Professional poker player, Ronnie Bardah (Island of the Idols), placed 20th

Retired NHL defenceman, Tom Laidlaw (Island of the Idols), placed 16th

Olympic swimmer, Elizabeth Beisel (Island of the Idols), placed 9th

Which celebrity does Jeff Probst want on ‘Survivor?’

In an IMDB Take 5 with Jeff Probst, the showrunner and executive producer revealed he would like to have actor and comedian Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother Fame compete on the show.

Probst believes the singer knows how to play because he’s a self-professed Survivor superfan. Additionally, the executive producer noted Harris has social skills, is funny, likable, can be dramatic, and could potentially “make an idol appear” as the actor is also a magician.

Probst admitted he has contemplated having an-all celebrity cast for a future season of Survivor and thinks Harris has the potential to win the game.

Out of the several celebrities who have competed in the reality game show, so far, none have won. Mike White, Brad Culpepper, Lisa Whelchel, and Will Sims all came the closest as they placed second in their respective seasons.

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