Woman left with permanent face indent after botched job slams ‘beauty standards’

A woman left with a "botched" face after getting a thread lift has slammed "ridiculous beauty standards".

Milly Rose Powell made a "rash" decision to get threads inserted into the high points of her face.

Wanting to enhance her features without going under the knife, the threading is supposed to mimic that of a face lift.

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But Milly's hopes for the aesthetic procedure did not quite go to plan.

The brunette beauty has now been left with visible grooves in her cheeks that have made them extremely prominent and pointed.

Afraid that other women could fall victim to making quick decisions about altering their appearance, Milly has now taken to TikTok to raise awareness about her experience.

In the clip that racked up 3.6million views, Milly warned: "To all young girls. Please don't make the same mistake that I did please."

She shared a snap of her cheeks after the treatment which left indents from the side of her face to the side of her mouth.

"Don't give into these ridiculous beauty standards that you see on social media," Milly urged as she pointed to the aftermath of the threading on her face.

"Make sure you're visiting a qualified, reputable aesthetics doctors clinic if you insist on making tweaks to your appearance."

Milly shared a series of snaps of the botched job as she scraped back her hair to show the extent of the damage of her face.

"Do not make rash choices," she said. "If you want to make tweaks to your appearance make sure you are visiting a reputable clinic."

Many people fled to the comments to warn others about making similar decisions – and some women could relate to Milly's experience.

One person commented: "I’d never have anything done until I’m like 50-60 don’t understand why women that have nothing wrong with them get so much work done at a young age."

Another user added: "Threads are the worst as an aesthetics practitioner I’d never do them personally the results don't last and it isn’t worth it."

While a third voiced: "Once you hit 30 youth starts withering away and you finally understand you were perfect just the way you were."

Someone else related: "I had threads done and it was the WORST thing ever."

Meanwhile, a fifth wrote: "You are so beautiful and I hope this will heal."


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