Woman who fell asleep during eyelash appointment given ‘moustache’ by technician

A woman was left in hysterics when she went for a beauty appointment and ended up getting a "moustache" above her lips.

Lash technician Destry, from Utah in the US, had a customer booked in for eyelash extensions and pulled up a prank when her client fell asleep mid makeover.

She posted a hilarious clip on TikTok, writing: "POV: You fell asleep in your lash appointment."

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The young woman held a mirror up to check how the fake eyelashes looked on her but was stunned to realise something extra on her face.

She couldn't stop laughing when she realised Destry had placed some fake eyelashes above her upper lip as a "moustache".

"Don't you put the s*** on my face," the client laughed.

And Destry added in the caption as a reminder to viewers: "Fall asleep if you want a moustache."

Viewers felt for the woman and couldn't stop laughing as they watched her reaction.

One commented: "She laughs like a 50-year-old mum I love it."

"Her laugh is so beautiful and contagious," a second penned and a third added: "I would have laugh-cried all the lashes off."

"I thought her eyes were glued at first glance, then I realised she was laughing so hard I can't even see her eyes," a fourth added.

Another commented: "The fact she felt it and probably thought you were grooming her."

Destry replied: "She was snoring. But the laugh was contagious."

She also admitted she had done a unibrow for her customer too but "it came off when I was working on it".

In Detroit, another lash technician showed off her "mega wispy" lash design online but people were concerned after seeing the result on a woman.

"Wow her natural lashes must be very strong to hold all the weight," one expressed and another wondered: "Why though? You can't be freaking serious."


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