Woman with GG boobs defies calls to get reduction surgery by embracing curves

A woman has hit back at trolls who commented on her big breasts and said she should consider breast reduction surgery.

Nena May Magana, from US, has been receiving a torrent of negative comments targeting her boobs but has chosen to ignore them and embrace her natural body even more.

She said in one of her TikTok videos that she used to hate how big her breasts were but now she prefers to "make money off them".

Some people have told her that her breasts are "so saggy" while others have said: "They're way too big, you should get a reduction."

Nena, who used to have triple D cup size, admitted that her breasts had gotten bigger than ever throughout her pregnancy.

"Me finally accepting my DDD's knowing they can't possibly get any bigger…but wrong, gets pregnant and they go up to G's," she said.

"Also me wondering why my body can't go back to how it used to look but still keep the same 'preggo melons' I had."

Some of her viewers jumped to her defence and said the most important thing is to make sure Nena is happy about her body.

"I love when dudes tell women what to wear and how to look, it lets us know who the a**holes are," one wrote and a second said: "They are perfect the way they are, that person who told you to get a reduction is crazy."

A third added: "If someone says that, they probably don't know the word 'natural', I prefer that instead of plastic."

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Nena sometimes makes fun of her big boobs as she goes through the stage of being a new mum.

She said: "When you realise you have 300oz of breast milk in the freezer and can serve your family cookies with milk every night for a couple of months straight."

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