Woman’s horror after botched job leaves lashes glued together and eyes bloodshot

A beauty therapist has horrified fans by showing a woman’s eyelashes glued together after she went to a cheap clinic.

Alyssia Hubbard, 31, was tasked with fixing the shocking work at her Luxe Lash studio in Los Angeles, US.

The shocking footage shows how the client’s natural lashes had nearly been ripped off after the fake and real pair fused together.

She was also in considerable pain with her eyes bloodshot from the strain.

The shocking clip has gone viral after it was posted to Instagram account @luxelashincla with the caption: “Lash emergency gone terribly wrong”.

Explaining exactly what happened, Alyssia said: “My client was out of town and needed her lashes done, so went for an emergency appointment at a place she’d never used before.”

“Unfortunately, it became a much larger ordeal because they did a completely incorrect application and ended up causing her pain.

“All the lashes had been glued together and were pulling on her natural ones and eyelids.

“To fix the lashes in place they’d taken the backing adhesive strip off the lashes, cut it into a couple pieces and combined it with regular lash extension adhesive.

“The technician had glued the backing strip of lashes under and on top of the lash line, so all her natural lashes got soiled and glued together.”

Alyssia said the number one rule that the technician had broken was to not clean the natural lashes first.

"I was so concerned she was in pain and if she’d experienced any itching or burning,” she continued.

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It took 25 painstaking minutes for the therapist to pick off the wrongly-applied lashes with tweezers.

Social media users have been stunned by the transformation – and are clearly taking the warning of avoiding cheap beauty work to heart.

“You are a miracle worker," wrote one person.

Another added: “Omg!! Wow! Terrible! Thank goodness for you savior! Lol.”

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