Denise Richards Slams Erika Jayne for Remark About Daughter's OnlyFans: 'Low F–king Blow'

On RHOBH, the pair get into another nasty confrontation which ends with a remark from Erika that has everyone's jaws on the floor.

If you didn’t think things could get worse between Denise Richards and Erika Jayne, think again.

On Wednesday’s all-new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Denise and Erika once again come face-to-face following a marijuana-infused dinner at Kyle Richards‘ house that left viewers with more questions than answers.

Now, in the same room just days later at Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Taco Tuesday dinner, the two were prompted to hash out their issues by Dorit Kemsley, who had been pushing the group to air their grievances all evening.

Adamant that she did not want to have this conversation with Denise, Erika told the Wild Things actress that she had her chance, reminding Denise that she already apologized.

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“I think you had your chance at her dinner party. You came in, you had your agenda, you called me a bitch, and I apologized to you sincerely,โ€ Erika said before a clip from the weed dinner played, showing Erika saying sorry to her former RHOBH castmate, and Denise seemingly accepting her apology with the now-infamous “Thank you. You’re Welcome.”

“Here’s what I’m saying, it’s fine, I don’t care,” Erika added, looking for ways to get out of going down the same rabbit hole with Denise at yet another group event. But Denise wasn’t budging.

“I love how you do want to do this on your terms,” said Richards.

“Actually it’s your terms,” Erika shot back. “Because you’re the one that came in and wanted to do this. So what are you upset about?”

Denise’s gripe with Erika is years-old, stemming back to a dinner at Denise’s house while she was still on the show, in which Erika brought up the topic of threesomes, loud enough for Denise’s daughter, Sammi Sheen, then 14, and her friends to hear.

Denise took offense to Erika’s comments, but the “Pretty Mess” singer brushed it off, suggesting that Denise’s daughters have had to to have heard about threesomes if they hadn’t had one themselves already.

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Erika’s explanation wasn’t sufficient for Denise, who now, four-years-later, had still not come to grips with what she believed Erika was trying to insinuate.

“First of all, to insinuate that my daughters at 14-years-old, would’ve had a threesome, I think is beyond, beyond inappropriate,” Denise said to Erika, who began shaking her head no.

“You’re shaking your head,” Denise continued, calling Erika out.

“I’m shaking my head because that’s not what it was about,” Erika explained. “Children these days, if they have a phone, have access to everything. Of course they know about sex.”

“This is about my kids though,” Denise said, continuing to stress her point that the conversation was an inappropriate one to have around her children.

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“OK, your oldest daughter’s on OnlyFans. She doesn’t know?” Erika asked, bringing up Sammi’s OnlyFans account.

Denise, who joined the app in solidarity with her daughter shortly after, seemed taken aback that Erika would bring that up, calling it a “low f–king bow” that Erika brought Sammi’s account on the content creation platform into the mix.

Harkening back to an Erika many fans believed the reality star left in seasons passed, she snapped, not only reminding Denise of her bizarre behavior at Kyle’s marijuana dinner, but just who Erika Jayne really is.

“You came in slurring inarticulate. Could not string two words together, and wanted to call me a b—h, and you want me to sit here and pretend like it didn’t happen?” she asks. “What do you think? I’m not gonna go to OnlyFans? You think I’m not gonna go as low as I can? Have you met me? So here we are.”

“You are a mean woman,” Denise snapped back, before Erika told her she “asked for it.”

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“No, I did not,” Denise maintained, with Erika placing the onus back on the longtime actress for starting the argument in the first place. “You shouldn’t have come up into her house acting like a f—ing b—h and we wouldn’t be here,” Erika said.

“You shouldn’t have acted like a f—ing bitch,” Denise fired back. “What? Four years ago, when nobody remembers?” Erika asked.

Flabbergasted, Denise continued to call Erika “mean,” but Jayne seems unphased, ready to shoot off an even lower blow that brought the entire room to a standstill, including Denise.

“I think it’s great,” Erika quipped. “I just wanna know, who’s more profitable, you or Sammi?”

The “To Be Continued” chyron flashes across the screen, leaving viewers to wait another week before seeing how Denise comes back from Erika’s killer shade.

RHOBH airs Wednesday night’s on Bravo.

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