Here’s How Mauricio Umansky Made It Big In Hollywood

Mauricio Umansky became well-known in Hollywood after appearing in Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alongside his wife (and Housewife) Kyle Richards. Shown as an adoring husband and father of four, Richards shared her husband’s dream of launching his own real estate firm. Since Season 1 of RHOBH, Umansky has made great strides in his career and has become one of the most well-known names in real estate and popular culture.

Mauricio Umansky went on to create his own business, which is now known worldwide. His popularity in real estate (and from Bravo) led to a newly successful Netflix reality TV show and a book on business. According to Celebrity Networth, Umansky has a net worth of $100 million from his business ventures, and his celebrity in Hollywood is only growing.

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3 Mauricio Joined His Wife On Bravo

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In 2010, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was released on Bravo and introduced actress Kyle Richards and her circle of friends. Richards introduced her husband, Mauricio Umansky, and their life together with their four daughters. Umansky was seen as a loving husband and father and was working for something greater in the world of real estate.

Richards became a beloved Housewife on one of the highest-grossing reality TV shows of all time, but it was her relationship with Umansky that made them a favorite in the reality TV world. What’s more, Umansky became famous for the devoted spouse and father that he was. He and Richards had a deep connection that fans loved, and it became part of his character (leading to more fans). However, Umansky wanted to be known as more than just a loving husband.

2 He’s A Successful Real Estate Agent

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A year after RHOBH took off, Umansky created his own real estate firm, The Agency. With the dream of selling homes and buildings throughout the U.S., Umansky and The Agency did that and more. The New York Post shared that two years after creating The Agency, Umansky became the third top residential broker in the country. A resident of swanky Beverly Hills, Umansky was also voted as the top broker in California after raking in sales over $380 million in a year.

Over the years, The Agency only became more and more popular and is one of the richest real estate firms. The firm now has over 70 offices (as of 2022) and has operated outside the United States, in places like Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, and more. In 2022, the firm reached $12.4 billion in sales, which is an incredible feat after creating the business in 2011.

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Some of the more famous properties that Umansky and The Agency have represented are the Playboy Mansion, the Carolwood Estate (which was owned by Walt Disney), and properties owned by The Ritz-Carlton and Rosewood, along with others.

1 His Success Led To Other Business Ventures

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After starring on a hit reality TV show with his family for over 10 years and creating his own successful brokerage firm, Umansky’s celebrity skyrocketed. He wrote a book titled  The Dealmaker: How to Succeed in Business & Life Through Dedication, Determination & Disruption, which details his life and what led to his success. From childhood to his infamous bumpy relationship with his brother-in-law and fellow businessman Rick Hilton, each chapter shares wisdom based on lessons learned.

On top of writing a book about his challenges and successes, Umansky is also the face of his own reality show without his wife on Netflix, Buying Beverly Hills. Netflix’s cameras rolled as Umansky shows the ins and outs of his business, which he works at with his daughters. Fans of the Umansky-Richards family finally got to hear more from their children and see what life is like for the successful businessman. The series did well with viewers and is now leading to a second season.

Umansky continues to have his star on the rise as he’s recognized by publications and professionals in the business for his hard work. In August 2023, he was recognized as one of the top six of The Los Angeles Business Journal’s Leaders of Influence List 2023. That same year, Umansky was chosen as the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2023 of Greater Los Angeles.

Whether it’s his relationship with Richards, his reality TV empire, or the love he has for his family, Umansky has proven that he can do it all. Because of his charm and his efforts, he has made it big in Hollywood.

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