Horror at Cathy's new boyfriend as she makes shocking choice in Emmerdale video

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Is there a cute little light at the end of the tunnel for Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) amid her Emmerdale PMDD nightmare?

Quite frankly, Cathy is one of the most deserving of all the Emmerdale lot to have a bit of light relief. She’s has endured agony with her periods over the last few months, which have had a profound effect on her future.

They’ve had a huge impact on her ability to sit her exams, on her friendships, her relationship with her dad, and even saw her nearly harm herself by downing a bottle of vodka.

She chose to head up north to her brother Scott’s as a respite from the damage she was causing and have a break from normal life. She had hoped it would help things calm down.

It was not to be, as when she arrived back in the village, her troubles came with her, being away hadn’t solved a thing. And receiving her PMDD diagnosis didn’t solve things either as she learned it was incurable which made everything 10 times worse.

She’s now hellbent on finding a cure for her condition, despite being assured by medical professionals there isn’t one. As she ploughs all her hopes into one thing, a well-timed distraction comes along.

Unexpectedly, Cathy and Samson (Sam Hall) start to develop a romantic bond. As Cathy flirts with the Dingle lad, she is floored when he seems to reciprocate.

Before she knows it, reluctant dad Samson and her have plans for a date. While we hope these two end up being the latest unlikely couple, given that he’s the local village toerag, could she be in for more pain?

And could that pain come from Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) when she finds out?

One person who is dismayed by the new union is Bob – who makes his feelings clear over his memory that the lad has already got one girl pregnant.

Is it over before it’s truly begun?

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