‘I lift weights at 37 weeks pregnant – trolls say I’m harming baby but I’m not’

A heavily pregnant woman hit back at cruel trolls who shamed her for working out.

Lily Stevenson has been smashing it in the gym recently. The strong mum is known for posting clips of her gym routines online, but noticed a shift in responses when she announced she was expecting.

As her baby bump got bigger she found herself being the target of abuse online. And keyboard warriors even accused her of harming her unborn child by lifting weights.

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The 23-year-old from Utah, US, said: "The biggest misconception about weight lifting while pregnant is that you can't. I did speak to my doctor at the time and I continued to talk to her about it and to see what she's comfortable with.

"Getting into the third trimester of this pregnancy my doctor did tell me to really make sure I take it easy."

Lily has been going to the gym five days a week, doing various workouts such as squats, bench presses, and deadlifts throughout the majority of her pregnancy. Her personal best being 125kg squats and 155kg deadlifts.

But now she is near the end, she's reduced her workout routine to just four sessions a week. Lily said, "It's very empowering to carry a baby and lift weights at the same time.

"I get a lot of people at the gym saying, 'Oh my gosh, I can't believe you're here working out while pregnant.' It's something that I enjoy and that I love."

Despite sharing her videos online to inspire other mums to hit the gym, Lily has received a fair amount of hate. At times, this has even left her in tears.

While showcasing her journey, viewers have constantly questioned her baby's safety, making comments such as: "I don't mean to sound rude, but is this even allowed when you're pregnant? It doesn't seem worth the risk at all. Is this safe?"

Lily explained: "I get a lot of haters in my comment saying that I shouldn't be working out while pregnant and shouldn't be doing this and shouldn't be doing that, and it's going to harm the baby. I've heard all kinds of crazy things.

"I got a few comments about I was doing shoulder press with some waves and they were saying that I could potentially rip the umbilical cord by doing that.

"In person, I've never really had anyone say anything, but I've definitely had some crazy looks at the gym. You can definitely tell what people are thinking when they see a huge pregnant lady working out and they give a nasty look.

"My final words for the haters: stay in your own lane. If you have questions, go talk to your own doctor about them. I feel super powerful. Carrying a baby and lifting weights at the same time-it's very empowering."

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Doctor Lawrence Cunningham from the UK Care Guide has since offered his thoughts on the subject, claiming it is different from woman to woman. He explained: "In my experience, some women can safely engage in more strenuous activities than others during pregnancy.

"Depending on their pre-pregnancy fitness levels, their current health, and the specifics of their pregnancy.When I've encountered this scenario in practice, I always emphasise the importance of individual assessment.

"If a doctor has cleared a woman for heavy lifting at 37 weeks pregnant, it suggests that her pregnancy is proceeding without complications and that she is in good physical condition. However, I would advise that even with medical clearance, the woman should listen to her body and be vigilant for any signs of strain or discomfort.

"It's really important to avoid any risks that could lead to injury for both the mother and the baby. Heavy lifting at that late stage is not something I would typically recommend, unless the woman was an experienced lifter."

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