Inside Alaskan village of only 100 people that's 'run by dogs'

Traveler goes inside remote Alaskan village that is ‘run by DOGS’ and has a population of just 100 PEOPLE – revealing what life is really like in the isolated haven that is only accessible via ONE footbridge

  • Travel influencer Allyson Overland visited a town where everyone has a dog
  • McCarthy, Alaska is a remote village home to only 100 people – and dogs
  • Allyson, who lives in a van with her dog, said the pair ‘fit right in’ in the town

Who run the world? In this remote Alaskan town, it’s the dogs.

A travel influencer has shared her tales after adventuring to the town of McCarthy that is home to only 100 people – and almost all of them have dogs.

In her video shared to TikTok, user Allyson Overland – who vlogs her travel with her beloved pooch Kenai – told her followers: ‘When I heard there was a town in Alaska ran by dogs I had to check it out.’

The remote village is located 120 miles northeast of the foot of the Wrangell Mountains, and as Allyson explains, it is quite hard to get to.

TikTok content creator Allyson Overland said as soon as she heard about the village in Alaska, she had to go

The tiny town is only accessible by a footbridge, which boasts beautiful scenic views

‘This is pretty much off the beaten path so to get there you have to drive 60 miles down a narrow dirt road with a lot of potholes,’ she explained in the voiceover, as she showed footage of winding roads and breathtaking mountains.

‘Despite the fact that it took me four and a half hours to get 180 miles today the views were incredible the entire drive,’ she continued as she showed footage of her beautiful – but treacherous – journey.

After finally getting in to the remote town – which was only accessible by foot – she made it to McCarthy.

Even though it was quite an ordeal to the dog haven, Allyson set up camp in a beautiful area as soon as she got there, and was walking around the quiet streets with her own pup.

‘I was told that pretty much everyone in this town owns a dog,’ she said, panning around the community.

‘And they weren’t wrong.’

According to Allyson, most of the dogs are allowed off leash and are well behaved.

‘[Some of them are] hanging around the restaurants and waiting for someone to give them scraps,’ she explained, filming one dog hovering near a doorway.

Allyson said they felt right at home in the adorable town. Pictured is one of the businesses

Although the journey was long and not linear, Allyson said it was worth it for stunning views like the ones pictured

The loving dog owner said the views ‘were incredible the entire drive’

Allyson said most dogs were off-leash, but are well behaved. This pup is hanging around for scraps outside a restaurant

Everyone owns a dog here so we fit right in! Welcome to #McCarthy Alaska ☺️ #vanlife #vanlifevlog #travelalaska

‘But they do know their boundaries,’ she added. 

In the caption, Allyson quipped her and Kenai ‘fit right in.’

According to the Travel Alaska website, dogs have a long history in McCarthy.

‘It was the dog mushing (transport method powered by dogs) capital of Alaska’s early days and they help keep unwelcome wildlife away from the center of town,’ it reads. 

‘They’re not feral, they’re joyful. It’s no coincidence that the dogs of McCarthy will welcome your dog to our town.’

Commenters were in awe of the gorgeous scenery – and that the dogs could roam so freely. 

‘This looks like heaven,’ one user gushed.

Allyson and her dog, Kenai, have been traveling for four years in her van 

 As a remote worker, the social media manager decided to travel indefinitely, writing in her bio she’s ‘on a mission to give my dog the best life possible’

Many TikTok users loved the tour and expressed that they wanted to go themselves, describing it as ‘heaven’

‘Sounds like McCarthy is where I belong,’ another TikTok user joked. 

‘I need to live there. A town of dogs is heaven,’ a third agreed. 

‘I need to go,’ someone else said urgently. 

Allyson started travelling with her seven-year-old pooch four years ago, documenting her renovations after purchasing a new van in 2021.

As a remote worker, the social media manager decided to travel indefinitely, writing in her bio she’s ‘on a mission to give my dog the best life possible.’

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