Katherine Ryan contacted by police after daughter, 14, is sexually harassed

Katherine Ryan has revealed she was contacted by police after using her podcast to call-out adult men for 'harassing' her teenage daughter and niece.

The mum of three, 40, told listeners last week that her daughter Violet, 14, and her niece Lily, 16, were harassed "everywhere they went" on a day out in London together.

"Anyone looking at these girls, no-one is mistaking them for being adult women," she said. "Maybe someone might hope that Lily's 18. Nevertheless you're a sick freak and you shouldn't be chatting to teenage girls the way you are."

Katherine has now revealed she was contacted directly by Lucy D’Orsi, Chief Constable of the British Transport Police, who heard her podcast episode. “They take this very seriously. They were hot on it," she said.

Speaking earlier on her Telling Everybody Everything podcast, The Duchess actress said the two teenagers had spent all week having men "putting their arms around them" and "chatting them up", despite their young age.

“I’m p***ed off this week because Violet and her cousin Lily have been out in London," she shared. "They’ve been out in the day; they’ve been out on the train just doing very wholesome activities. Shopping, going to a theme park, doing this and that. And everywhere they go, every day, they have been sexually harassed by grown men."

Offering an update, Katherine, who lives in London with Violet, her husband Bobby K and their two young children Fred and Fenna-Grace, told the Metro that the Lucy D'Orsi, head of the British Transport Police, wrote to her after hearing the accusations.

Reading out the message from the Chief Constable, Katherine said, “I’m the Chief Constable of British Transport Police. I listened to your podcast where you talked about Violet and her cousin’s dreadful experience in London. That was completely unacceptable. I have responsibility for policing the tube and trains."

She added that the message urged her to report the incident officially if she hadn't done so already, because the polic wanted to "encourage young women and girls to report unwanted behaviour" in order to prevent escalation.

Katherine is known for calling out relationships between older men and younger women, singling out the likes of Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, 48.

Earlier this year she described the actor's history of dating younger women as "creepy pattern" after seeing photos of him with a 19-year-old model. The Titanic actor has built up a controversial reputation `of only dating women under 25, despite his own advancing years.

In defence of her vocal opinions, Katherine previously told the Daily Mail that she felt a responsibility to call-out the men, saying she a lot of young podcast listeners.

"I don’t think it's controversial to say that’s gross or weird and I’m very happy to continue beating that drum for as long as it takes."

She added, "I look out at my audience and I have people my age, I have couples but I also have a lot of teenagers so even if one of them hears what I’m saying and goes, 'Ew maybe that man is interested in me because he wants to boss me around or because women his age don’t talk to him, maybe I will give that a miss'."

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