Saturday Kitchen chaos as presenter told ‘you’re rubbish at this’ by celeb guest

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    Saturday Kitchen quickly turned into carnage as host Matt Tebutt was told by West End star Michael Ball that he was "rubbish" at his job.

    The statement was made after Matt had tried to crack a joke which went well over Michael's head. Trying to show the singer – who was promoting his new book – his way of thinking he asked: "Are you a tennis fan?"

    To which Michael laughed: "Yes." Now red faced Matt chimed in with "Oh, I see otherwise that wouldn't have worked." As the stage actor chirped back: "You're rubbish at this," while the presenter was speaking which turned the studio into sheer chaos as everyone fell about laughing.

    The banter between Matt and Michael continued throughout the BBC programme and the laughter seemed to get louder and louder as the stars ate and drank more – which seemed to divide fans who were watching at home.

    Some viewers who took to Twitter were loving a good old dose of serotonin after tuning in and took to their keyboards full of glee with their comments.

    One person on the platform commented: I'm absolutely loving@mrmichaelball on #saturdaykitchen – a totally hilarious start to my birthday weekend – I can't wait to read his book," another agreed: "#SaturdayKitchen Cracking programme today, well done. #LoveAGoodLaugh," while a third added: "Michael is hilarious!โ€ฆ #saturdaykitchen."

    But others felt the continuous cackling was becoming a tad tedious as they also took to the internet to express their views about the programme and banter – with some fans wondering if they'd sampled too many alcoholic beverages during the show.

    "#saturdaykitchen It's good to laugh, but blimey…," penned one person a second joked: "Michael Ball needs to drink a little less me thinks. Seeing bananas! #saturdaykitchen. "

    A third chuckled: "Is it me, or are they all on laughing gas! #SaturdayKitchen," while a fourth remarked: "They rehearse this show (including the wine segments) and get quite squiffy before the programme is aired, no wonder they laugh at nothing!โ€ฆ #saturdaykitchen."

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