The Chase’s Bradley Walsh says ‘you’re not’ as retired copper shares real age

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    The Chase viewers were left in disbelief it when an “ageless” player appeared on the latest episode of the ITV show and revealed his real age to host Bradley Walsh.

    As four new contestants put forward their best general knowledge, with the Chaser Shaun Wallace, aka The Dark Destroyer, in the hot seat, trying to prevent the hopefuls from pocketing the grand cash prize. Emma, Anna, Suhaib and Kevin all introduced themselves to viewers at home, but it was retired copper Kevin from Hertfordshire that caught viewers attention when he revealed her age.

    Telling viewers he was 49-years-old, fans were stunned with many in disbelief saying he looked “fantastic.”

    After telling Brad he was retirdm Brad hit back: “Retired? You’re about 12, what’s up with ya!” Kevin claims he “started young” before Brad pushed him for his real age. After revealing he was 49 – Brad claimed: “You’re not!” as fans at home also chimed in,

    “Kevin is 49! OMG! He looks amazing,” gushed on fan. “To be fair he does look good for 49!,” penned a second, while a third added: “He doesn’t look 12 Brad but he def doesn’t look 49.”

    Kevin made it to the final with only player Emma by his side as Shuan was able to fend off the other two players.

    Answering 13 questions correctly between them, the pair fought to take home their £10k cash prize.

    Despite a pushback the pair failed to bring down Shaun and eventually left with nothing.

    One player on a recent episode shared his wild career on the show and left host Bradley Walsh speechless.

    Walking towards the host in a classy brown blazer, Martin always looked like he had the makings of a fine quizzer. And he quickly proved those assumptions correct.

    After telling Bradley that he was from Lightwater in Surrey, which he claimed is: "Familiar from traffic reports as in tailing back to junction three at Lightwater," the qu

    izzer quickly rendered the Doctor Who star perplexed when he explained what he does for a living.

    After being asked about his background, Martin quickly replied: "I'm a drug designer," which prompted Bradley to pull a confused facial expression.

    A shocked Bradley, managed to muster an: "Ok," before suggesting: "So, a chemist originally?"

    Showing off his brains, Martin responded: "I'm a synthetic organic chemist. I'm a mechanic who puts together molecules."

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